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About Us

The Malaysian Dietary Supplement Association was formed by a small group of concerned dietary supplement companies to discuss the issues that were facing the industry during the Pan Pharmaceutical era.

These are the aims and objectives of the Association:

  1. To improve public heath by providing quality products, services and factual information.
  2. To develop, promote and increase awareness of the safety and benefits of complementary healthcare products when used in an appropriate and responsible manner.
  3. To establish and develop a professional image of the health supplement industry in Malaysia.
  4. To establish, develop and maintain the health supplement industry as a legitimate part of the mainstream health care.
  5. To promote, support, develop, maintain and protect the interests of the health supplements industry in Malaysia.
  6. To support, develop, maintain, protect and facilitate the transaction of business in the health supplements trade.
  7. To assure a suitable regulatory regime in Malaysia for healthcare supplements.
  8. To upload and continue to self regulate the health supplement industry in a responsible, reliable and trustworthy manner.
  9. To represent its members to the government on issues, laws and regulations regarding the health supplement industry.
  10. To operate as the central body for its members in dealing with the mass media on publicity issues concerning the health supplements industry.
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