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Probiotics – Are They Harmful or Beneficial to Your Health?

  Over the last 2 weeks you may have read of some reports that warn you about taking probiotics because they are dangerous. These arise from a couple of studies conducted by the Weitzman Institute…

The Benefits of Probiotics for Women – Osteopororis, Bone & Vaginal Health

Do probiotics have a role in women’s health? Recent research seems to indicate that probiotics play an important role in osteoporosis, general bone health and vaginal health too. Osteoporosis…

Probiotics, probiotic benefits and prebiotics

Probiotics vs antibiotics. Flickr image by Post Memes.   Probiotics – the basics Before we have a discussion on probiotics, let’s go through some of the definitions so that we are…
weight loss

How to lose weight with probiotics

Weight loss the easy way. Flickr image by Jennifer Morrow. This message is not just for the ladies, even the guys should pay attention. I’m sure you have all heard the million reasons why…
Drink & Lose Weight

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