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AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine Side Effects – Can You Stop The Blood Clots?

by jamespereiramadsa2
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By MADSA Editor

Finally, the AstraZeneca COVID 19 Vaccine has arrived on Malaysian shores and vaccinations have begun this week.

The AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine started its history in Malaysia as a rejected vaccine that caused 8,000 people who were registered to receive coronavirus vaccinations on MySejahtera to opt-out. And on Sunday, 2nd May 2021, it created history with 260,000 people registering for the vaccine. And all slots for the vaccination were taken up within 3 hours.

So, compare those numbers. 8,000 people were terrified to receive Covishield (that’s the brand name of the AstraZeneca Coronavirus Vaccine) but 260,000 people gladly scrambled for it. Why were 8,000 fearful but not 260k?

I guess that’s one of the mysteries of life that will never be solved. 🤔

MADSA’s R&D Department has uncovered intelligence that in Malaysia, people are storming pharmacies requesting for aspirin and aspirin-based OTC items as a prophylaxis against the blood clots.

Based on our research we created this article to explain the fear that people have about the vaccine and how you can protect yourself from potential blood clots.

The Danger

What created the fear among people was the relationship between the covid vaccine and blood clotting disorder.

Figure 1 below shows the incidence of the blood clots in comparison to other things that also cause blood clots.

covid vaccine and blood clotting disorders

Figure 1

In Figure 2 you can see that blood clots with the vaccine are negligible compared to other events.

astrazeneca covid vaccine side effects

Figure 2

Although these numbers show that the risk of blood clots is so low, we also acknowledge that if someone were to have these side effects, you are no longer a statistic. Your life and that your family’s will be turned upside down.

According to research, those who are greatest risk of developing these blood clots are:

  • females below 50 years (as of 7th May 2021, the UK Government will offer alternative brands to both sexes below 40)
  • those with low platelet counts

Furthermore, the places where the blood clots have formed are:

  • brain
  • lungs
  • abdominal veins

These are serious side effects that can cause strokes and heart attacks. They are not something trivial to be brushed off. If you survive a stroke or heart attack, your life is completely altered thereafter.

Medical researchers have some clues as to what’s causing these blood clots but it’s still a hypothesis and not a confirmation yet. Therefore people are justified in having fears about blood clots forming and taking responsibility for their health by consuming these OTC blood thinners, as there could be other causes of the blood clots that the scientists haven’t discovered so far.

People are using OTC blood thinners as an insurance policy.

The Protection

If your doctor has previously prescribed blood thinners, you can continue taking them before your vaccination.

And haematologists are warning people from buying aspirin or aspirin based OTC blood thinners as a prevention for vaccination based blood clots.

There are many people who are on health supplements that act as natural blood thinners and you can continue to take them. Among the popular health supplements that are natural blood thinners are gingko biloba and omega-3 oils.

Health supplements, just like medicines, need to be taken every day for between 7 to 14 days to achieve maximum effectiveness. And as long as you take it every day, it will remain within its upper and lower effective concentration levels in your body and keep protecting you.

If you want to take natural blood thinners, we recommend the following brands from MADSA Members, whose quality and efficacy we vouch for:



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