Breast Cancer Prevention & Risk Reduction With 15 Supplements

by jamespereiramadsa
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Does this scare you?

Breast cancer prevalence in Malaysia is out of control!

Despite years of education and screening, the breast cancer cases are exploding.

The infographic above from Bernama shows the sad stats that breast cancer is the #1 Killer amongst women in Malaysia.

Those being detected with breast cancer are unfortunately in the late stages. The cancer cells in these stages could have spread to other organs and despite surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, there’s a high likelihood of relapse within 5 years or remission.

How many boys and girls have to go through the trauma of burying their mother?

Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy have been the mainstay of treatment of breast cancer for decades. This model is known as the slash-burn-poison treatment regimen.

If you look at the Counter Measures the MOH lists, it provokes a head-scratching reaction. A counter measure means actions to take to prevent not detect. Detection is not strictly a counter measure, because you are just waiting to catch the lump when it appears. Detection is a reactive not at all proactive.

Real counter measure would mean preventing the lump from appearing altogether. Everybody preaches about prevention being better than cure, but hardly anyone teaches this.

Let’s be clear about one thing - detection is not prevention.

The Malaysian Dietary Supplement Association is proud to reveal what our research has shown about preventing or reducing risks of breast cancer.

  1. All Non-Communicable Diseases are caused by bad lifestyles. Breast cancer is also an NCD. Although breast cancer is linked to genetics or family history, the majority of cases have no prior family history. Only 5 to 27% of breast cancer are hereditary.
  2. There are many risk factors for breast cancer, including your diet, level of specific nutrients, menopause, oral contraceptive use and even induced abortion.
  3. Certain herbs/parts of plants have benefits on cancer -
    • High consumption of ginger reduces risk
    • Flaxseed consumption reduces risk
    • Curcumin in combination with docetaxel has better antitumour activity
    • Regular green tea consolations reduces breast cancer risk
    • Black cohosh may reduce risk of recurrence with those taking tamoxifen
    • Mistletoe reduces regression of breast cancer tumours, reduces side effects of chemotherapy and may prevent neutropenia.
  1. Certain nutritional supplements are beneficial in cancer:
    • Multivitamins & antioxidants may prevent breast cancer in post-menopausal women
    • Antioxidant usage post treatment improves survival
    • High carotenoid consumption may reduce risk in pre-menopausal women
    • Vitamin C consumption post-diagnosis reduces mortality due to cancer
    • Vitamin C in combination with Vitamin E during tamoxifen treatment reduced hypertriglyceridemia__
    • Vitamin E in combination with pentoxifylline may prevent radiation induced side effects.
    • Vitamin D consumption reduces breast cancer risk and protects premenopausal women
    • Vitamin B1 and B3 improves survival among breast cancer women
    • Fish oil protects against breast cancer

Your health is your responsibility and not that of your doctor’s or the government’s.

So, if you belong to any of the following groups:

  • want to prevent or reduce the risk of getting breast cancer
  • have been diagnosed with breast cancer and you want to reduce the side effects of the treatment and want to live longer,

...dietary supplements will help you lead a higher quality of life.

If you have any bad lifestyle habits, change them immediately and add dietary supplements to your daily habit.

If you think you can get sufficient nutrition from your food, we must warn you that modern day food will not provide you enough nutrients.

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