Calm Your Anxious Heart

by jamespereiramadsa
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Hawthorn cares for your heart


Have you been very stressed and/or anxious lately?

Muscle cramps?

Numbness or tingling in the hands & feet?

Easily forgetful?

Body feels so heavy or tired most of the time?

Wounds healing slower than usual?

Besides stress and anxiety, did you know that poor blood circulation can be 1 of the contributing factors for high blood pressure?

Many of us often take our health for granted. High blood pressure is 1 of the common lifestyle, “3-Highs” diseases. In general, high blood pressure often quietly cause damage and threatens our health, by surprise!

Hawthorn herb has been used for centuries by many, for the prevention and management of heart disease. Hawthorn herb, with its antioxidant-rich, active ingredients flavonoids,  is known for its role in improving blood flow in our blood vessels.

Interestingly, with better blood flow/ circulation, this ancient medical herb has also been shown to be beneficial for anxiety and diabetes management.

How much is enough?

In general, the berries, leaves and flowers of the hawthorn plant have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. 

Based on the findings from various studies, 500mg to 1200mg of hawthorn herb extract daily, is beneficial for heart health. In fact, there is better improvement in blood pressure management and other heart health issues, when hawthorn herb extract is used in combination with other nutrients. For example, magnesium.

Hawthorn for a lovelier, healthier you

With the New Year and Valentine’s Day around the corner, we have matters of the heart in our minds. We generally interpret love in myriad ways, and the same goes for heart health! In other words, during this special occasion, we should not only focus on matters of the emotional and “romantic” heart, but also to examine the health of your physical, beating heart.

Care for your heart with hawthorn herb today!

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