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Does Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Heart Disease

By Dr. Joseph Mercola Vitamin D plays a significant role in several health conditions. It might be one of the simplest solutions to a wide range of problems. Despite the name, vitamin D belongs…

Parkinson’s and Vitamin D Deficiency

By Dr. Joseph Mercola Optimizing vitamin D levels may be a simple way to reduce some Parkinson’s disease symptoms, including falls, sleep problems, depression and anxiety, according to a study…

Vitamin D Benefits – Keeping You Young and Thin

By Dr. Joseph Mercola, Your body needs vitamins and certain nutrients to grow and develop normally. Vitamin D is one of them. Although not technically a vitamin — it’s actually a fat-soluble…

Vitamin D Supplements and Vitamin D Benefits

  Are vitamin D supplements beneficial to humans or are they a waste of money? Let’s evaluate this in a scientific manner and discover the answer to the question, “Do vitamin D supplements…
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