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The Malaysian Dietary Supplement Association was formed by a small group of concerned dietary supplement companies to discuss the issues that were facing the industry during the Pan Pharmaceutical era.

We have since taken the stride and have started to play an important role as a health player in the industry. We have since partnered with the Ministry of Health in mutually beneficial events.

Today, MADSA has 27 member corporations and we are working to increase membership.

Your company can benefit from the strength of the "many companies, one strong voice" that MADSA will carry when dealing with the relevant bodies.

These are activities that we plan to undertake on a regular basis:

  • organise regulatory affairs seminar
  • create awareness of MADSA among the public, via website and other media (print, TV & radio)
  • increase membership
  • organise CPD for NPRA staff

We invite you to take the first step to become a member of MADSA by downloading the following:

1. Membership Form

2. MADSA Rules & Constitution

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