Omega 3 Benefits

by jamespereiramadsa
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omega 3 benefits

The last one month has seen a ton of news about omega 3. Things seem to be sizzling (pun intended) specifically with regards to omega 3.

Omega 3 Benefits for Heart Disease

So, if you’re not aware, a highly purified omega-3 product, Vascepa from the company Amarin had shown in one of their clinical trials that omega 3 was able to reduce triglyceride levels better than statins.

Now, that new product is not available in Malaysia and neither is it foreseen in the near term.

However, this is how you could also grab the benefits of that were shown in those clinical trials.

The clinical trial used 4 grams of EPA per day. So you could also ensure that your consumption of EPA is between 3 and 4 grams per day, especially if you have elevated triglyceride levels.

This study just confirms an earlier study stating that many people have insufficient levels of cardio protective levels of omega 3.

Omega 3 Benefits in Lupus

Some studies have suggested that people who suffer from lupus have low levels of omega 3. Currently a new clinical study is underway to investigate if 1 gram of krill oil will have benefits for lupus patients.

Although the results will be available in the next 24 months, you may wish to take 1 gram of krill oil and see if there’s an improvement if you suffer from lupus.

Omega 3 benefits in Anxiety

A recent meta-analysis of clinical studies using omega 3 with patients with anxiety showed that omega 3 dosage above 2 grams showed reduction of anxiety.

Omega 3 Benefits in Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease is caused by the accumulation of beta amyloid in the brain. A new study in Australia has been embarked on to see if a combination of omega 3 and testosterone will prevent or reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s in at-risk men and also if their memory, cognition and function improves.

Omega 3 Benefits in Pregnancy

Taking fish oil during pregnancy is safe and actually beneficial for the baby. A recent study published in the British Medical Journal showed that pregnant women who took 2.4 grams of omega-3 starting from the 24th week of pregnancy till 1 week after giving birth had healthier babies.

Babies were not obese but had bone mass, fat mass and lean mass.

Another review revealed that omega-3 can reduce early pre-term delivery by 58%.

Omega 3 Benefits in Psoriasis

A new review of clinical studies using fish oil revealed that it had robust evidence of efficacy for treatment of psoriasis. This review was published in JAMA Dermatology.

Omega 3 Benefits in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Omega 3 in high doses of 5 grams per day have been shown to improve rheumatoid arthritis. Taking omega 3 tends to reduce the anti-inflammatory medication as well as increase the rate of remission.

Omega 3 Benefits in Cancer

Gastrointestinal cancer patients have very poor outcomes. A review of studies of omega 3 in GI cancer patients who underwent surgery showed that taking omega 3 supplements improved immunity and reduced inflammation.

So with all these benefits of omega 3 essential fatty acids, you’re on firm ground taking omega 3 either as fish oil or krill oil.

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